Busduct System were UL Classified, Fully Type Tested design as per IEC61439-1 and IEC61439-6.

FLANGED END- the incoming unit of a Busduct. The power is fed at the flanged end to energize the Busduct System.

HORIZONTAL ELBOW- it is also an angle unit to change Busduct direction as per site requirement. It is composed of cooling ribs to provide better heat dissipation. It has aluminum which is integral bus to serve as earthing conductor.

VERTICAL ELBOW- enables the Busduct System to change directions during installation. Its aluminum housing consisting of two 3.00mm thick aluminum sheets, the top and bottom parts of the housing is designed to serve as earthing conductors to ensure continuous grounding all over the surface of the enclosure.

STRAIGHT FEEDER- runs along the length of connection and the body of the Busduct System. The design ensure that the integrity of the ground path is uniformly maintained throughout the entire Busduct System consistency pressure on the power connection is held by one or more Belleville (cupped washer) when properly tightened.