Our Products


  • Optimum protection for personnel and plant
  • Design verified by testing (type-tested) including arc fault containment
  • High operational reliability and availability
  • Maintenance-free busbar and frame construction
  • Simple retrofitting procedures
  • Unmatched safety for protection for personnel and plant
  • Simplicity and high functionality
  • Improved plant availability
  • Integrated communications
  • Flexibility in a standardized solution
  • Rapid fault detection and rectification
  • Tin-plated copper busbar 99.9% ETP Grade
  • 100% Galvanized materials, offers better resistance to corrosion
  • All metal parts and busbars works manufactured using State-of-the-Art CNC Machines for accuracy and consistency
  • Painted finish using fully-conveyorized powder coating system


  • Bolted frames, structures and covers.
  • Easy & Safe products for adequate functionality and ergonomic design.
  • Tough & Safe products for best performance in demanding and heavy-duty applications.
  • Critical & Safe products for the highest safety.
  • Solution for products in industrial environments with high demands on safety, durability, reliability and cost saving for the end user.
  • High quality contacts ensure reliability.
  • Cost saving Designed for quick and easy installation.
  • 100% Galvanized Steel Sheet, offers better resistance against rust and corrosion, even in saline environments.
  • All metal parts and busworks manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machines for accuracy and consistency.
  • Painted finish using fully-conveyorized powder coating system.


  • Busbar materials are made from tin-plated copper and aluminum allow with ETP rating of 800-5000 amperes.
  • Aluminum housing with integral ground bus.
  • Cooling ribs feature provides better heat dissipation.
  • Multi-bend profile siding made from 100% galvanized steel and its highly corrosion resistant.

Cable Tray

  • No manual hand tapping.
  • No loose threads.
  • Multi-slotted connectors allowing site adjustment and alignment.
  • Offers better corrosion resistance to saline atmosphere.
  • Mutl-bended rungs for maximum strength.
  • Multi-hole provision for cable tie..

Enclosed Circuit Breakers

  • Swing-up cover with built-in support.
  • Adjustable brackets.
  • Push to lock with key.
  • Concealed hinge.